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Bureau «Gamayun» provides services for the examination of objects of decorative art. Each owner of a work of art may ask himself: what cultural, historical and artistic value can this item carry?

In the case of buying a work of art you always want to be sure that the purchased item is really worth it. Art critics collaborating with the Bureau «Gamayun» respond to a number of questions to the object under study:



Does the object belong to the works of art?

What is the time and place of creation?

What direction in art is this work, who is its author?

Is the work original or copyright, copy, fake?

Is the work unique or serial?

Are there elements of revision or restoration in the work?

What is the artistic and historical value of the subject?



Based on the art history analysis provided by an expert on conducting state historical and cultural expertise, certified by the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, the Bureau «Gamayun» can analyze the art market and assume an approximate market value of the work presented.

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